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You're not alone in your bed

After a long, tiring day, which one of us doesn't yearn for our bed? Beds seem like such comforting places, but what many of us don't know is that we're not alone with them.

Yes, we're sharing them with hundreds of thousands of dust mites and bed bugs - tiny creatures that can only be seen with a microscopic. Feeding off dead skin, they love dark areas, in particular mattresses and spring boxes. Removing them with regular vacuum cleaning is impossible.

Protect your health

In particular, in the last few months New York has seen a resurgence in bed bug problems and many residences in the five boroughs are now infested

The first sign that will alert you to a bed bug problem will be tiny red bumps appearing on your body, and some itching. You may also see small drops of blood on your sheets.

No doubt about it, bed bugs and dust mites are a serious health hazard – causing itching, scratching, wheezing and all kinds of allergies.

Thorough elimination

If you want to thoroughly eliminate dust mites and bed bugs from your home, the only way to do it effectively is to call professionals like State Island Carpet Cleaners. We've got the experience and know-how to do the job quickly and efficiently.

We use special machinery and organic, 100% environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to kill off bed bugs, dust mites, spores and bacteria lurking deep inside.

This will sterilize your mattress completely, eliminating dirt, grime and dust too.

Be assured of a good night's sleep

After, after we've carried out the cleaning process this, we'll deodorize entire environment completely, so you can be sure of getting a really good night's sleep.

If you want to wake up fresh and re-vigorized, then have your mattress cleaned by us. You'll literally notice the difference overnight!

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