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Odor & Stain

Stain and Odor Removal

Keep stains and spots at bay

Many of the carpets on today's market have built-in protection against spots and stains, but with time, even these will wear off.

Food and beverage stains can always be tricky to deal with - especially red wine, ketchup and Kool Aid (which can leave colored spots behind). And products you can buy in the supermarket will help, but will rarely get rid of the stain completely.

Loveable pets, unloveable odors

Any pet owner also knows the trouble that can arise from their odors and stains. Cat owners are particularly aware of this after there's been an "unfortunate accident" - because cats know their scent and will return to the same spot in the room, again and again.

Dogs can also be a headache. Your loveable puppy is still being housetrained and, after you've turned your back for just a moment, makes an embarrassing mess on your carpet. Your beautiful rug or carpet is stained, and there's a nasty smell left behind too.

Enzyme-busting products

But don't despair. Here at Staten Island Carpet Cleaners, our staff are experienced and well-trained. The advanced products we use are guaranteed to eliminate even the most unsightly stains and foul odors.

Their enzymes will break down the source of the odor quickly and effectively, leaving your home smelling fresh and your furnishings spotless. Even better, these products are all 100% organic and environmentally-friendly, making sure that you and your family's health is protected.

Scotchguard protection

We also offer a Scotchguard protection service, which creates an "invisible barrier" between your carpet/rug and the spill. It makes blotting up liquids far easier and makes the chance of a stain being left behind that much smaller.

It also makes vacuuming easier too, since dirt and grime are less likely to end up deep in the carpet's fibers.

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