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Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Flood Restoration Service, Staten Island

Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Time is of the essence

Flooding is always unpleasant and often frightening. It can also have a disastrous impact on your home or office. There are all different causes of water damage, but whether it's from an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe a roof leak or a major storm, you need to act fast.

The longer you wait before acting, the stronger the risk that your carpets, furniture and rooms will be destroyed. Time is always of the essence, which is why we at Staten Island Carpet Cleaners offer a comprehensive restoration service, designed to help you get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

24/7 Emergency Service

Here at Staten Island Carpet Cleaners, we offer a 24/7 emergency service, staffed by trained professionals. We promise to be at your home within 90 minutes, armed with the heavy-duty equipment necessary to deal with matters.

We know that after flooding, trying to cope with the situation yourself is hard, because your house may well be full of contaminated water. Your carpets and floors may well be soaked, which means it's not going to be easy cleaning them.

And, remember, if you want to try and do the job yourself, you'll have to rent the right equipment, which could cost you quite a bit too.

Don't let the water become a health hazard

Water damage isn't always visible to the eye either. Leaky roofs, damp basements, clogged drains and overflowing gutters can give you trouble. So can old heating and air conditioning units, as well as malfunctioning appliances.

Equally importantly, water damage is also a potential health hazard. When water floods into your home or office, it quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Once they are airborne, they will spread rapidly, which can provoke all kinds of illnesses. Asthma, bronchitis, itchy eyes, and even lung infections can result.

Call in the pros

Calling professionals like us is always your best option. You'll have enough to deal with in the meantime, so letting us take care of this particular problem will give you one less thing to think about. If your carpets and rugs have been soaked, we can treat them fast.

We will pump the water away with our heavy-duty machinery, dehumidfying the area fast. This will stop mold and mildew developing too (and mold and mildew can cause nasty skin rashes and breathing problems). We will then sanitize and disinfect the area thoroughly, making sure your space gets drier, faster.

Leave things in our capable hands

At Staten Island Carpet Cleaners, we also offer restoration services for fire and soot damage, as well as unpleasant and dangerous sewage back-ups. We know how stressful these situations can be, but with our certified technicians, you can feel confident leaving things in our capable hands.

We can take the load off your mind. We are here for you day and night – so don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us now on (718) 494-8324.

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