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Scotchguard Protection

Keep your home furnishings super clean

Having your carpets, rugs and upholstery deep-cleaned by professionals is probably the best way of ensuring they end up looking super clean. But how do you keep looking and smelling super clean and fresh, between visits?

After all, unless you're planning on locking the rooms, and putting dust sheets over the furniture, they're still going to attract a certain degree of dirt and grime. What's your best option? We think its Scotchguard.

Scotchguard is a special fabric protector which, when applied, establishes an "invisible barrier" between your carpet/rugs/upholstery and what falls on them. This means that soil and dirt that ends up on your carpet can be brushed away more easily. It also means that juice, wine and other liquids will find it harder to set in to your rug's fibers – the Scotchguard repels them.

A wise financial investment

Scotchguard isn't just a good way of keeping your furnishings in good shape - it also saves you money. Once applied, it really makes a difference, and you'll notice it. This kind of fabric protection means that you'll end up spending less on subsequent cleanings, because you won't need the cleaning service as often.

Scotchguard is also a wise financial investment. Look upon it as insurance - you're taking preventative steps which minimize damage in the event of an unfortunate "accident."

Save yourself time

Scotchguard isn't just a way of saving yourself money, it will also save you time. Once it has been applied, you will find that vacuuming your rugs, carpets and upholstery takes less time, and less effort. This leaves you with precious hours to spend either by yourself, enjoying the things you love, or with your family.

We offer an excellent Scotchguard Protection service, which we suggest should be carried out immediately after a cleaning. And if you take advantage of our special coupons, you'll also get a discount. Look at the coupons section for more information and see how easily you can start making savings!

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