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Area rugs can ‘make' a room, whether they're heirloom, passed down over the years, or special pieces you have chosen specifically for a room. But whether costly or simply of sentimental value, they need to be looked after carefully, to keep them in the best possible shape. That's where we come in.

Here at Staten Island Carpet Cleaning, our experienced and certified technicians have the know-how to clean your rug perfectly. Each rug is subject to a comprehensive procedure, where it is checked carefully, then vacuumed before being cleaned and rinsed according to its specific circumstances.

Afterwards, it is dried in a climate-controlled room then groomed, before being inspected again. Moreover, we only use environmentally-friendly products as well, which are gentle on your rug but tough on dirt.

Water damage

One of the biggest problems a rug can face is water damage which, if left untreated, can rot fibers. And it's not just flooding that you have to be aware of. Potted plants are one cause of this, especially if you don't use a plant stand (which keeps moisture between them and the rug).

Another thing to watch out for is wet surfaces. In fact, even if a surface is damp, it can do damage to a rug, so it's critical to make sure your rug is kept in a dry area.

Moth damage

Moths don't just ruin your clothes - they can ruin your rugs as well. Whilst they don't eat away at the fabric itself, they can easily eat up silk and wool. If you leave your rug in a quiet, dark area, which is what many owners of fine Oriental and Persian rugs do, they can destroy your special piece in no time at all.

And once your rug has suffered moth damage, you are in trouble because this can spread to your clothes and upholstery. A bad moth infestation can spread quickly from your area rug, to clothes and other fabrics throughout the home. Here are the tell-tale signs to look out for: -Bare spots in your rug. Moth larvae (it's the larvae that actually eat the fabric) prefer one color yarn over another, and if your bare spots come from moths, not wear and tear, then the bare spots will involve some colors and not others.

-A white, web-like material.

-The actual moth itself.

Adult moths are small, silvery tan or light brown. They have very small wings and fly slowly.

The cocoons for moths are usually 0.5 inches long, and are the same color as the fabric in the carpet. Moths often camouflage themselves, so they are harder to spot.

Moth larvae are thin, white worms around 3/8 inches long. This is at the point where they will begin doing damage to your rug. They leave behind grainy excrement.

The best way to avoid moth damage is to take active steps against it. Begin by regular vacuuming of your rug. Don't forget the padding and the back either.

Moth balls, naphthalene odor and cedar odor are not helpful when it comes to killing moths. However, there are certain agents you can use - insecticides - that will help keep prevent damage.

Pet damage

We all love our pets, but they can cause all kinds of problems in the home, especially to your rugs. The best way to cope with an unruly puppy or kitten is to house-train them as early in their life as possible.

Even so, sprinkling a few moth flakes at the rug's edges will encourage them to stay away. The same is true of cats with claws! And if that doesn't work, squirt them with some water (buy a plastic gun) but try not to get your rug too wet in the process.

Sun damage

If too much sunlight pours down onto your rug, the colors will quickly begin to fade. The best way to avoid this is to use drapes, to keep out as much of the light as possible. Alternatively, put the rug in a darker area.

Constant attention

You can't avoid wear and tear when it comes to rugs, but you can minimize it. Rotate it regularly, put a mat at your door (to avoid dirt and grime being trodden onto it from outside) and rotate it regularly, to even out the foot traffic. And, when it doubt, call a professional!

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